2012 Primary: Here’s What You Need to Know

Need a comprehensive review and analysis of what took place in the 2012 primary elections, as well as a look ahead to November. Indiana Business for Responsive Government, the Chamber’s non-partisan political action committee, has the report. A few highlights:

  • 18 IBRG endorsed candidates (out of 23) were winners in their primaries
  • All 11 endorsed incumbents facing primary challengers were successful
  • Various national and state dynamics played a role in the competitive nature of the campaigns thus far, yesterday’s vote and what is still to come leading to the general election
  • A new factor was added to the above mix with the defeat of six-term U.S. Senator Richard Lugar. The impacts of that race will continue to be felt

The report has results, vote totals and general election matchups at both the state and congressional levels. It will be updated as additional results become available. Access the full report.