A Look Back at my Summer with the Chamber

It’s hard to believe that my internship is coming to a close. The time that I have spent here at the Indiana Chamber of Commerce has provided me with great opportunities to learn more about what the Chamber does.

Writing articles for the BizVoice® magazine has been a challenge and a thrill. Many of the articles that I have written required at least one interview, and sometimes more than one. At first, the interviews were a challenge because I have not done any kind of formal interviews since my senior year of high school. I had to remember all the skills that my high school journalism teacher had taught me.

Interviews were also a thrill because I never knew what I was going to learn next. Every person I talked to had an interesting story to tell about what their business is doing and their path to getting where they are now. It was incredible to hear what they had to say.

Along with great experiences, I have also met many great people. Those that I have had the pleasure to work with have been amazing. They have been helpful and wonderful to work with. There have even been days when I have wanted to stay at the office later or come in on my off days because I enjoy everyone’s company.

As I prepare to head back to Milwaukee for my final year, I want to thank everyone who made my internship a success. I will never forget the experiences that I have had here at the Chamber, and I know that they will be invaluable in my future job search.