A New Day in America

A colleague told me as we walked into our office together, “Michael, you have a little extra bounce in your step today.” Yes, I do. I love a Presidential Inauguration Day. I enjoy soaking in the history, the formalities, the reflections of past inaugurations and speeches that today brings. For a Republic, it is hard to imagine a day more special than today.

From staying at Blair House, attending a church service, riding to the U.S. Capitol with the soon-to-be former President, the music, poetry and of course the oath of office and inaugural speech are all fascinating for this political junkie to watch.  Then to top it off, we watch the former President depart D.C. quietly as the new President takes a slow ride back to the White House for a grand parade in his honor.

For me, other than special moments with my family, the days that I always have that “extra bounce in my step” are Election Days, a Papal Conclave (which is the oldest ongoing method for choosing the leader of an institution), day of the Indianapolis 500 and Presidential Inauguration Day. These are special days and today will certainly be a day to remember.
Today, all of us — Democrat, Republican or Libertarian — should be optimistic. We should all be supportive of President Obama and truly wish him well as he leads us for the next four years. Let us not forget that we live in the most powerful nation on earth and we will watch another peaceful transfer of power between individuals of different political parties. History teaches us how rare this is.

Yes, today is a new day in America. Let’s ALL enjoy it.