A Pocket Full of… Praise

?????????????????????????????????????????????I’m feeling sentimental today. Perhaps it’s because spring is in the air. No matter. There’s something I want to say: Thank you.

Thank you to my parents for cultivating in me a love of learning, a kind heart and confidence. They inspired me with their strength as they battled – and beat – cancer. They taught me right from wrong, coached my softball teams (you helped me soar, dad), played Barbie with me (I cherish those days, mom) and so much more.

Life humbles one along the way, but their continuous support has kept me strong. I look up to them as role models as I raise my amazing daughters.

Thank you to my third grade teacher. I was the new kid on the block at school and she was the new teacher in town. All of us thought she was one of the coolest adults we had ever met. She made learning fun. What an impact a child’s early learning experiences can have on her future.

Thank you to my fans – and critics. Ok, so I don’t actually have fans, per se. But I do have people who support me no matter what. And critics? We all have them, justified or not. Thank you for helping me to grow and realize that I don’t need your approval.

Thank you to kind strangers who smile at me in passing. I mean, how hard is it?

Thank you to friendly employees at Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks, who truly seem happy to see my girls and me when we’re on a morning adventure for coffee and goodies. That’s customer service.

One more shout out to you dad: Thank you for reminding me from time to time that life is a journey, not a destination.

I appreciate all who have helped pave that journey with wisdom and happiness.