Adding Up the Legislative Votes

There are three key components whenever our 150 legislators gather for their annual lawmaking duties at the Indiana Statehouse:

  1. LEGISLATIVE session takes place
  2. Senators and reps VOTE on a wide variety of issues
  3. When it’s all over, we do the ANALYSIS

Put it all together and you have the Chamber’s annual Legislative Vote Analysis. For the 27th year, we tell you which legislators voted for the pro-economy, pro-jobs agenda and which attempted to stand in the way. It’s an involved process to compile all the votes on the identified issues for each legislator. But the result is a simple score.

The full analysis has all the individual votes on pages that contain an overload of +/- symbols. Then there are the bill descriptions for those who want to know exactly what each vote meant. But the bottom line is the one-page scoresheet that gives a score for 2011 and a two-year average.

You can also check out our BizVoice magazine story for some analysis. Pay attention! Thank the legislators with the high totals; for those who don’t measure up, insist that they do better.

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