Battledish Event in Evansville to Pit Chef Against Chef

Evansville is adding to its culinary environment with an event this Saturday. If you're in the area, check it out. Your tastebuds will thank you. A release from Michael Armanno, Evansville Dishcrawl community manager, has the details:

Battledish, an international chef competition, comes to the River City this fall!  Chefs across the world take their turn to compete for various titles such as most delicious, most creative, best modern, best cocktail, and most authentic.

Battledish will kick off Fall Festival season with the first ever competition in Evansville with six lucky chefs on Saturday October 5th at 2pm.  All ticket holders will have a chance to vote for their favorites in the competition along with an esteemed panel of featured guest judges.  Only one chef will emerge King of Battledish!

Chefs, details, and more to be unveiled weekly!  More info and registration at