Blogger Describes 7 Deadly Sins of Social Media for Businesses

Blogger David Griner recently outlined the 7 deadly sins of social media — some things to keep in mind as your business tackles the fabulous Interweb.

There are a million ways for businesses to use social media well, and only a handful of ways to do it horribly wrong. So why do companies keep falling into the same traps?

The answer is easy: human nature. And as we all know, humans are constantly beset by malicious temptations.

So as a public service, I’ve decided to break down the Seven Deadly Sins that make social media go sour. (Click on any one of the tips to learn more.)

1. Lust: Loving your customers is great, but take it slow.

2. Gluttony: Don’t bite off more than you can chew.

3. Greed: It’s hard to shake hands while you’re reaching for someone’s wallet.

4. Sloth: Always avoid the temptation to “set it and forget it.”

5. Wrath: There are a lot of people out there itching for a punch in the nose, but you’re not the one to give it to them.

6. Envy: Don’t be dissuaded by other people “doing it better than you.”

7. Pride: Stay humble, rock star.

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  1. As a consultant, I see the value of social media. However, for the average small business, effectively navigating social media is largely about understanding the Millennials. Please see my review of Millennials and social media.

    See also the ways in which social media and sustainability are aligned.