Brinegar on Today’s Right-to-Work Announcement by Statehouse Leaders

Comments from Indiana Chamber of Commerce President Kevin Brinegar on the announcement today by House Speaker Brian Bosma and Senate President Pro Tem David Long that right-to-work legislation will take priority in the 2012 session:

“Passing a right-to-work law is the single most important action our lawmakers can take to put more Hoosiers back to work. Currently, we have more than 200,000 people unemployed in Indiana and many more at risk as employers deal with a still unstable economy. A right-to-work law would open the door to attracting new and expanding companies and the numerous jobs they bring.

“Site selection experts from across the country will tell anyone who will listen that between one third and nearly half of the companies that hire them to find a good location won’t even consider non right-to-work states for their business growth and expansion plans. So Indiana is automatically out of the running in far too many instances.

“Other Midwestern states such a Michigan and Kentucky are now looking at passing right-to-work to gain a dramatic competitive advantage for jobs. We cannot afford to fall behind the competition.

“Right-to-work is about creating jobs, economic growth and fairness. Arguments to the contrary are smoke and mirrors. Right-to-work laws do not prohibit labor unions or collective bargaining, but simply protect workers from being forced to join or pay dues and fees to a labor union.  Workers would still have the right to join or support a labor union, only now it would be his or her decision to make. That’s simply fair.

“Case in point, right-to-work legislation was passed more than 15 years ago for Hoosier teachers. It certainly didn’t destroy their unions or collective bargaining rights, and it didn’t result in lower wages for teachers.

“Going forward, the Indiana Chamber will work to help citizens and lawmakers realize that a vote for right-to-work is a vote for job creation and worker freedom. A person shouldn’t have to be forced to join a union in order to get or keep a job. Today was an important step and I applaud legislative leadership for displaying determination with this issue.”

6 thoughts on “Brinegar on Today’s Right-to-Work Announcement by Statehouse Leaders

  1. If you allow people to belong to a union without paying dues, you will destroy them. The unions need income to fight grievances, and law makers that try to misinform the public.
    The white collar employees and government employees would not have half of the benefits, vacation time , working hours or pay they have now if it was`nt for the unions.
    I do not bleed for the unions, but I do believe there is a place for them. It is like everything, there are pros and cons, but if you look back in history, you will remember that the unions help create a better working environment for the average person.To me that is what a union does for everyone, please consider all of the options before you pass a law that could destroy any chance of hope for the “average guy”!
    Thank you for your help in this matter.

  2. Remember, right-to-work does not eliminate unions. It simply gives the worker the choice whether he or she wants to belong — and pay the dues. Unions can represent just the dues-paying members now, but choose not to do so they can gain more in dues by representing all. That “free rider” notion you hear so much about is a myth.

  3. I tried to send a reply once before and it would not take it.
    Is there a reason…? I mentioned every Union I could think of. I served on The Labor Council of Louisville, KY. We had representation from all Unions located in this States. I don’t think you have a job to represent The Working People. I think you are trying to Represent the Top Percentage who make the Profit. When do you run for office? My job will be to campaign against you for not representing the working people of our country. You don’t belong to the Military either is that correct..?

  4. I have worked union and non union in my work career and have seen many differences.With non union no overtime and i put in more than 60 hrs a week and never compensated just taken advantage of.Definetly a lot more accidents because of no training. I had no health insurance,so i was one trip away from medical bankruptcy with 2 little girls and a wife to take care of. No vacation time or any type of retirement.I am hoping people read this and understand that RTW is going to hurt more than it is going to help.I have seen it with my own eyes.LITTERLY, because of lack of knowledge.WHY is it so important for these politicians to tell us how to work.You got to ask yourself what do they have to gain ? DONT THEY MAKE ENOUGH MONEY?

  5. RTW also allows small town bosses and companies to talk and treat their employees like illegal immigrants because it has happened to me. Once it as known how much my paycheck was needed for my family, I was strong armed into being talked to in a degrading fashion and working harder than ever, while being reminded how easily replacable I was. Is that any way for a hard working, honest man to wake up every morning to go to work in America?

  6. Right to Work provides no Rights and no Work. However, it does lead to increased poverty,lower wages that hurt all workers and small businesses.We have seen peoplpe leave the Right to Work States to come to Indiana so they could provide their families with a decent living.

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