Brinegar Speaks on Today’s RTW Testimony

Chamber President Kevin Brinegar sat down for an interview with Gerry Dick of Inside INdiana Business to discuss this morning’s testimony in the House labor committee on right-to-work legislation (HB 1468 passed the committee with an 8-5 vote). Brinegar clarifies some misinformation about what the bill actually does.

Here’s more on RTW legislation from the bill’s sponsor, Rep. Jerry Torr:

Rep. Torr’s (R-Carmel) HB1468, commonly known as Right to Work, was heard in the Employment, Labor and Pensions and passed through committee with a vote of 8 to 5.

Right to Work legislation would make it a Class A misdemeanor for employers to require their employees to be a member of the union, pay union dues, or pay fees to a third party organization, such as a charity, that are a part of the union fees. The provisions of the bill exclude construction workers or those included in the national Railway Labor Act.

“Right to Work simply provides workers with a choice of whether they want to be a part of the union,” said Rep. Torr. “There is no provision that limits their collective bargaining rights.

“Statistics and several academic studies have demonstrated that Right to Work states experience more economic development and increased quality of life than those without such legislation,” said Rep. Torr.

Rep. Torr serves District 39 which includes Carmel, Fishers, and Westfield. For the 2011 legislative session, Rep. Torr is the Assistant Majority Floor Leader and serves on the Labor and Employment Committee, Insurance Committee, and the Rules and Legislative Procedures Committee.

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  1. I have lived and worked in right to work for less states like florida, texas, and nevada. I came to indiana for the good pay and benifits indiana unions help to negotiate. This law will only make it harder on indianas working class.

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