Budget Approved; Shutdown Avoided

The 2009 special session is officially over — finally — with a two-year state budget passed by the General Assembly.

After a lengthy process that seemingly left few happy based on the floor speeches in both chambers, enough of a compromise was reached to send lawmakers home and avert a government shutdown. The Senate voted 34-16 in favor, with the House approving it 62-37.

All but one of the Republican senators (Jean Leising of Oldenburg voted no) were joined by Democrats Lindel Hume of Princeton and Richard Young of Milltown. The House support came from all 48 Republicans and 14 Democrats.

Governor Daniels’ statement: "Like any compromise, this budget has its defects, but it meets the fundamental condition I laid down in January and every day since: to limit total spending enough to preserve our surplus and thereby protect taxpayers against the tax increases happening in virtually every other state."

Update: The governor proceeded to sign the legislation.