Business Sponsorships Not Just For Little Leaguers (and They’ll Get You Noticed)

From a very early age, most of us were exposed to corporate sponsorships, usually in the form of sports. We proudly wore the name of a local business across our chest as we played tee ball or flocked after a soccer ball like ducklings following their mother.

Though we might not have considered the ramifications of what we wore, we served as tiny advertisers for the business community and owning an “Iggy’s Ice Shack” T-shirt undoubtedly reminded us where we had to go to get that snow cone for which we longed.

Off the baseball field and in the business world, sponsorships of conferences and seminars are a great way to hit your target audience. You sell safety products? Why not grab the attention of an entire conference of safety enthusiasts by sponsoring registration bags for the 2009 Indiana Safety and Health Conference and Expo?

You’ll be surprised how a room full of adults will clamor over a tote-bag with your company’s logo on it like children for a lump of sugary ice.

If you’re interested in sponsorship opportunities with the Indiana Chamber, contact Jim Wagner.