Call Upcoming Show an Original Repeat

Sequels, in general, don’t work. There are many out there more qualified than I to debate the merits of various movies, but anything with a "2," "3" or more behind the title usually pales to the original. I’ll give you an exception with Rocky 2, but 3, 4, 5 and 27 didn’t quite measure up. There are many more examples out there.

The Capitol Steps are making their second appearance at the Indiana Chamber’s 20th Annual Awards Dinner on November 10, but it’s not really a sequel. The group makes fun of what’s going on in Washington and in political circles around the world. The cast of characters in 2002 was dramatically different than those who will be the targets of musical and comedy barbs in a few weeks.

They were downright funny the first time around. And after the past year or so, can’t we all use a few laughs? And don’t worry, the talented performers are equal opportunity — they will make fun of people no matter their political affiliation.

Learn more about The Captiol Steps in BizVoice magazine and order your tickets. About 1,000 other Hoosiers will be there to celebrate Indiana business — and be entertained. See you there!