Can TWI Take Your Team to a New Level?

TWI (Training Within Industry) has a long history. It also has a bright future as a tool that can help companies train their trainers and make them better teachers of their employees. Officially, it’s "teaching supervisors and team leaders how to improve the way jobs are done, how to quickly train employees to do the job safely, correctly and conscientiously and how to build positive employee relations, increased morale and effective conflict resolution skills."

In the 1950s, Toyota used TWI to train employees in the Toyota Production System, the famous lean manufacturing program. Today, TWI is being reintroduced to North America and you can learn all about it at the TWI Institute. The Purdue University TAP/MEP program is hosting and the Indiana Chamber’s Ready Indiana program is co-sponsoring a March 16 Indianapolis summit (8 a.m. to 1 p.m.).

Patrick Graupp, senior master trainer and the world’s leading authority on TWI, will be the featured guest speaker. Use the code "readyin" for a $100 discount off the registration fee. Contact Ready Indiana Executive Director Kris Deckard for more information about the TWI curriculum.