Canadian Think Tank Promotes School Choice Across the Globe

The Fraser Institute, a Vancouver, Canada-based think thank, recently launched the global School Choice Showcase. Found at, the program acts as a year-round trade show illustrating innovation in school choice projects across the globe. 

"No other site like this exists in the world," explains James Lombardi, project design & development coordinator at the Fraser Institute. "We aim to connect parents, potential school operators, investors, and government officials with successful and already-replicated schools from around the world that want to expand and have proven that they can. Our hope is that they will expand even further — both in their own countries and around the world — to the benefit of students everywhere. And our ultimate goal is no less than improving education worldwide through choice."

Lombardi says the site currently profiles nearly 70 K-12 school chains from around the world that operate 36,000 individual school locations.

"Perhaps more importantly, these schools are successfully serving all kinds of students, specializing in mathematics, autism, inner-city youth, science, rural locations, recent immigrant students, vocational education, and much more," he notes.

The Fraser Institute also posted an animated YouTube video about the program:


0 thoughts on “Canadian Think Tank Promotes School Choice Across the Globe

  1. “School Chains”? Is that like hamburger chains? That is great. Hopefully our schools will be run by for profit companies sooner than later.

  2. Obviously, the status quo isn’t working, so exploring the more options the better, in this blogger’s opinion. And there are some private sector models that are working.