Cap & Trade: A Really Difficult 932-page Read

Not sure you understand this whole climate change, cap and trade debate in Congress? You’re not alone. But when it is declared as the biggest economic threat to Indiana’s future, it’s clear we should be paying a little more attention.

The House Energy and Commerce Committee will be attempting a markup of legislation this week that would impact all businesses and consumers (in the form of higher prices). Indiana’s heavy reliance on coal makes those impacts significantly deeper here than in other areas.

The minority Republicans will try to offer a wide range of amendments. They may also try to slow the process, and hope sanity eventually prevails, by requiring the committee clerk to read the entire 932-page bill.

Back to learning more. Try this U.S. Chamber of Commerce fact sheet for starters; for Indiana Chamber members, participate in our June 5 policy conference call.  Invest a little time now to try and save a whole lot of pain later.