Carbon Motors Sees Rising Demand for Patrol Vehicles

Carbon Motors, a Connersville-based homeland security company, is making a global impact with its new law enforcement patrol vehicles. The company is currently embarked on a nationwide Pure Justice Tour promoting the vehicle, which stops in Carmel (at 3 Civic Square) on July 30. An email from the company explains: 

Carbon Motors has clearly positioned itself as the global leader in law enforcement vehicle technology, and the demand for the world’s first and only, truly purpose-built solution for law enforcement officers is unquestioned.

Carbon Motors has now exceeded 21,000 reservations for the sedan version of its portfolio of law enforcement patrol vehicles from nearly 600 law enforcement agencies across all 50 US states.  Additionally, the Company has received unsolicited requests for future exports from over 35 countries around the world.

The Carbon E7 will continue its trek across the United States to help further product, corporate and supplier development efforts. While doing so, Carbon Motors will be completing its 68th through 71st stops on the Pure Justice Tour within the next two weeks.

If you’ve not had a chance to see this revolutionary vehicle in person, please take the opportunity to do so at one of the following locations below. As its management team continues to work hard to protect those that put themselves in harms way every day, Carbon Motors would like to extend its appreciation and thanks to each of the hosts at the Cambridge, Stamford, New Rochelle and Carmel Police Departments.