Ceiling Fan Day Coming on September 18

Reducing energy consumption is something everyone can support. One small way to do your part is to participate in the first National Ceiling Fan Day on September 18.

Chamber member Fanimation, a recent honoree in the Indiana Companies to Watch program (BizVoice magazine coverage), is leading the effort. Everyone is asked to turn off those central cooling systems and utilize fans of all types (ceiling, floor, desk, wall).

The company has more in this blog post. Also, the Chamber shared the following facts in a previous post:

  • 94 million of the 113.6 million residential homes in the United States use air conditioning equipment and 110.1 million use space heating equipment. Studies published by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommend using ceiling fans to reduce or eliminate the need to use air conditioning because ceiling fans consume significantly less electricity.
  • If every American turned off their air conditioning for one day and utilized only ceiling, floor, desk or wall fans the U.S. would save over three trillion kilowatt hours of energy consumption!
  • Energy consumption (data published by General Electric): Electric furnace: 17,221 watts; Central air: 5,000 watts; Ceiling fan: 30 watts
  • Monthly energy cost (based on 15 cents/kilowatt hour): Electric furnace @ 5 hrs/day: $392.85;  Central air @ 5 hrs/day: $114.06; Ceiling fan @ 24 hrs/day: $3.30