Celebrating Township Style!

In the ongoing "we’ll do anything to save our jobs" crusade, the Ross Township trustee in Lake County testified at length Wednesday before the Senate Local Government Committee. He was opposing the insertion of real reform language (no township boards and county councils having binding budget authority) into the township-by-township referendum proposal passed by the House.

The trustee, who also serves as the head of the United Township Association, explained that the township is important. He said his office receives donations for 170 children to enjoy Christmas. Based on his 2008 annual financial report, people young and old also must get the opportunity to enjoy the Fourth of July. Among the expenses listed: $24,000 to Mad Bomber Fireworks Prod., Inc.

That’s your taxpayer money — at least those in Lake County. Can we really let it go up in smoke like that?

2 thoughts on “Celebrating Township Style!

  1. Yes Indiana Government is great at wasting tax payer money. I would like the Chamber to do an analysis on the IBM contract with the state of Indiana and all its flaws. Talking about wasting taxpayer money. Then how about 75 years of rights to Northern Indiana toll road. I would like the chamber to do analysis of what the toll road will be worth in 75 years. Did we sell future profits for instant gradification? The problem with Trustees is there is no oversight! They provide a very needed service. If reports aren’t provided in a timely manner, whose fault is that. Did the agency where the reports are sent, send out late notices to trustees? Maybe trustees need to attend a class to explain their duties. On excess funds – can’t the state legislature put into law that excess funds in Township accounts be turned over to the general state fund? Come-on lets use some comon sense and not sound bits! A one man elected county executive is a very bad idea. It will allow run away corruption and appointment of polical allies to now elected positions. Again Common Sense!

  2. The Ross Township fireworks are a great event every year, and as a taxpayer here (with one of the lowest property tax rates in Lake County btw)I am happy the Township government puts events like theses on for families. What’s more, just about every municipality has a fireworks display. The difference is that the Town of Merrillville does not have one like Hobart, Crown Point, Lake Station, Portage, etc do, so the Township Government takes care of it. God bless them for it. We need more positive things to do as a community! What’s more the Township recovers some of the cost of the very well attended event by charging a very modest $3 fee per car, and there are food vendors as well as a carnival operator who I am sure pay some kind of a fee to the Township, so the fireworks are not funded 100% by tax money. In fact, the 2 day event is so well attended, that I would be shocked if the entire cost of the event was not covered. You have no idea what you are talking about. People who don’t live in the area have no right to comment on what happens locally. What a shortsighted comment.

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