Chamber Encourages Swift, Meaningful Action on RFRA Law

Indiana Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Kevin Brinegar encourages state legislators to act swiftly and thoughtfully regarding national reaction to the state’s new Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA):

“Since late last week, we have urged state leaders that additional action is required. We communicated that a legislative fix must be significant and make it crystal clear that the law does not in any way open the door for discrimination of any kind toward any individual or group of individuals.

“Unfortunately, Indiana has taken a tremendous hit to our national identity as a welcoming and hospitable state. The business community is concerned about losing contracts and customers for a law that it did not support and did not want to see happen. Hoosier businesses want nothing more than to continue to serve their customers in the state, nationwide and beyond.”

Background: The Indiana Chamber testified in opposition to the RFRA law and believes that it’s unwarranted.

5 thoughts on “Chamber Encourages Swift, Meaningful Action on RFRA Law

    • Unless you live there, Natalie, at this point it’s easier to just to skip the whole state.

  1. I just canceled my reservations for four people to a Market next month. I won’t spend my hard-earned dollars to support a place where the Legislature and Governor help and allow religious bigots to dictate policy. This RFRA allows blatant discrimination. If Governor Pence didn’t think that was ok then why would he have three prominent Indiana homophobes attend the signing ceremony?

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