Chamber Gets Fiscal AND Physical: Here are Some Tips Related to Wellness Programs

A corporate wellness program (learn more about wellness at the Chamber’s Business of Health web site) is a great tool to improve employee health/performance, reduce health insurance costs and recruit/retain young talent.  At the Indiana Chamber, we are in the second year of our program.  I’d like to share a few of our initiatives for you to consider at your workplace:
1. Annual health screenings and flu shots
2. Walking Club – Tuesday, Thursday at 11:30
3. Yoga – Monday during the lunch hour
4. Guest speakers – motivation, nutrition, healthy cooking and exercise
5. Wellness Wednesday – free healthy snacks for staff members
6. Corporate health club membership – educational material and discounts for staff members
7. Chamber-sponsored kickball team
8. After hours functions – bike ride on the Monon Trail, hiking at Brown County and basketball games
9. Monthly wellness newsletter
Our wellness points rewards system offers up to two additional wellness days each year if the employee reaches a certain point threshold every six months. The top point recipients receive wellness days and gift cards to health food outlets.
If you find these to provide great returns for your company, feel free to buy me lunch.  And, no, a deep-fried Snickers from the State Fair is not acceptable.

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  1. Mountain biking is a great activity. It is easy on the joints, gets the heart pumping, gets you in nature and away from everything and is simply very fun. I mountain bike two to three times each week and recommend Town Run Trail on 96th Street for central Indiana residents. Brown County is the best option in Indiana. The Hoosier Mountain Bike Association does a fantastic job promoting and maintaing trails in Indiana.