Chamber Releases Legislative Agenda Matching Positions to Actual Bills 

Our first edition of the 2018 Legislative Agenda is now available at This document details bills introduced in the Indiana House and Senate that the Indiana Chamber has taken a position on and the reason for that stance.

Bills of high importance to the Chamber are labeled with a “priority icon”, while legislation viewed as detrimental to employers and the workforce are denoted with a “job-killer” symbol.

This publication provides direction on issues that not only affect the Indiana business community, but communities, families and individuals throughout the state. We strive to provide our members, legislators and the public with a clear understanding of our positions on these key bills.

In addition to being posted on our web site, this information is sent directly to legislators. We plan to use votes on the bills – those that make it to the House or Senate floor – contained in this document in our annual Legislative Vote Analysis, which scores legislators on their voting record during session.