Chamber Throws a (Help)line to Small Businesses

One of the best resources for a small business owner is access to expertise. Access to FREE advice for an Indiana small business owner from some of Indiana’s most respected issue experts is as cool as me finding a ready-to-use and already refined oil pocket in my backyard in Broad Ripple. In other words, being able to pick up the phone or send a quick e-mail to get your difficult business questions answered at no cost is a big deal and can save you cash. Membership with the Indiana Chamber provides you with this free HELPLINE system. Questions on human resources, OSHA, tax, environmental and workforce development will be answered for you without getting some attorney’s meter running. 
Our HR HELPLINE receives the most questions of all of our services. George Raymond is the Indiana Chamber’s VP for Human Resources, Labor Relations and Civil Justice and he’s in charge of the HR HELPLINE and may be reached at [email protected] or (317) 264-6884.
This is a tremendous tool for small business owners wearing multiple hats looking to reduce costs, stay in compliance and take advantage of another membership benefit. As for me, I’ll let you know when I can heat my house with that Texas Tea behind my garage.

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