Chamber to Ask Governor to Veto Unemployment Trust Fund Bill (Now Updated to Help YOU Take Action!)

Indiana Chamber President Kevin Brinegar tells Inside Indiana Business that the Unemployment Trust Fund Bill passed last night "falls on the backs of employers" and that we’ll ask Gov. Daniels to veto the bill. Here’s the audio.

IIB reports:

The Indiana House and Senate passed a $730 million fix for the unemployment trust fund.

The measure includes eligibility rules and higher payroll taxes on employers.

The proposal passed the Senate with just three no votes, but it took a party-line vote to get through the house.

The top tax bracket for employers would nearly double to 10.2 percent, focusing on the companies who lay off the most employees. The bottom tax rate would be reduced.

The eligibility changes include requiring recipients to demonstrate they have applied for new work and denying benefits for employees fired for misconduct.

The Indiana Chamber and Indiana Manufacturers Association maintain the bill will end up resulting in job cuts because of the higher taxes.

UPDATE: Take action now! You can e-mail a letter to the Governor’s office or find the phone number to call through the Indiana Prosperity Project. Simply visit this site to send the letter.