Chamber Urges Passage of Imperfect Smoking Ban Bill

Passing the statewide smoking ban bill would be a substantial step and offer Hoosiers protection from second-hand smoke in key public places, says Indiana Chamber of Commerce President Kevin Brinegar.

“House Bill 1149 would protect 95% of Hoosiers while at work and also allow citizens to eat at a restaurant without having to encounter cigarette or cigar smoke. What’s more, local communities would still be able to pass a more stringent smoking ban. These are all huge positive developments,” he declares.

“We strongly encourage legislators to carry through on the bill negotiated in conference committee and pass HB 1149.”

In reference to attempts to defeat the bill:

“To those seeking a total ban, the Indiana Chamber agrees that is ideal, but also not realistic. At this time, a bill is not going to pass that bans smoking in bars and taverns. The health of Hoosiers is too important to let this bill die yet again because the legislation is not perfect.”

The bill passed the House by a 60-33 vote last night, and moves to the Senate today for passage.

2 thoughts on “Chamber Urges Passage of Imperfect Smoking Ban Bill

  1. It’s nice that you go on record saying you could care less about the health of 5% of Hoosiers. I could care less about the health of 5% of your family. How does that sound?

  2. What??? The entire point of the Chamber’s position is that it’s better to protect 95% with a less-than-perfect bill than to shoot down the entire bill and not protect anyone at all.

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