CIB Plight Heard in Ways & Means

The governor wasn’t there and neither was Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard. So both missed the latest round of questions this afternoon over the multi-million dollar funding proposal to assist Indianapolis’ Capital Improvement Board (CIB).

Instead, Indianapolis city controller David Reynolds and a CIB contractor from the CPA firm London Witte drew the short straws.

Reynolds told the House Ways and Means Committee that the funding on the table will keep the CIB going through 2011; he couldn’t state with certainty, however, that enough efficiencies would be realized to sustain it going forward. 

To say the least, that troubled the committee.

“The CIB has no ability beyond what’s given to it to raise revenues. We don’t see any other options short of what’s being proposed here (in SS 1002),” Reynolds offered.  “(If that doesn’t pass), the CIB will enter into a very precarious situation with the Pacers and of notifying conventions that there may not be a facility there (for the events).”

The London Witte representative revealed that the financial cost of expanding the convention center was not factored into any analysis for the CIB. This seemed to baffle some on the committee.

Testimony has concluded on SS 1002 with amendments now being heard. One that won’t play a factor: a provision for a Gary casino; Rep. Charlie Brown announced at the start of today’s proceedings that he was not going to introduce it. That likely means gambling will not factor into this special session.

Time change: The full House is expected to convene at 5 p.m., to allow for the Ways and Means Committee to finish business.