Clere Giving Cochran a Fight

In House District 72, Republican Ed Clere is pushing 34-year incumbent William Cochran to the limit, leading the Democrat by nine votes with just six precincts yet to report. IBRG has aided Clere’s campaign in the past week and is hoping he can pull an upset.

Mary Ann Sullivan (D) is leading incumbent Jon Elrod (R) early in the Indianapolis State House district. Michael Davis expects the race to tighten as returns come in. Oddly enough, this is Elrod’s sixth election in 2008 alone, factoring in caucuses, primaries and elections in vying for the U.S. House and then defending his State House seat.

Update: Clere declared winner by 116 votes!

Update II: Not so fast! Looks like we may be experiencing  a recount on the Clere/Cochran race. Michael Davis says some issues have arisen, although the reasons for the recount are just speculative at this point.