Company Philanthropy: How Important Is It to Workers?

A press release from OfficeTeam touts that 42% of job seeks want to work for companies that give back to the community. I’m surprised the number isn’t higher.

Companies in the Best Places to Work in Indiana program often tout their giving programs and employees cite that caring nature.

Here are the details:

Workers were asked, “To what extent does a company’s participation in charitable activities influence your decision to work there?” The responses:


  • A great deal: 17%
  • Somewhat: 25%
  • Not at all: 56%
  • Don’t know: 2%

“Although not everyone cares about working for companies that give back to the community, the segment of the workforce that values corporate altruism can’t be ignored,” said Robert Hosking, executive director of OfficeTeam. “Philanthropy programs can be a selling point when recruiting candidates and also help improve employee retention. Organizations can increase team morale and participation in charitable activities by aligning with causes that resonate with staff.”

OfficeTeam identifies five ways to incorporate philanthropic activities into your company’s workplace:

1. Give back. Organize a clothing, toy or food drive that benefits a nonprofit organization.

2. Get involved. Provide the opportunity for employees to volunteer as a group at a soup kitchen or beach cleanup. This doubles as a great team-building activity.

3. Show your support. Sponsor, host or participate in a charity event such as an auction or 5K run.

4. Chip in. Donate to causes that matter most to employees, such as disaster-relief efforts or local schools.

5. Match it. Consider offering a matching-gifts program that supplements workers’ charitable contributions or activities.