Competing in the Manufacturing World

I see this phrase or a version of it often and use it myself occasionally: "In Indiana, we make things."

With that being the case, we (Indiana and the U.S.) need to be the best in the manufacturing business. According to a recent report from the Council on Competitiveness and Deloitte, it takes innovation and advanced skills development on one side of the equation complemented by research, technology and full commercialization.

The 16-page report is Ignite 2.0: Voices of American University Presidents and National Lab Directors on Manufacturing Competiveness. Five goals are outlined for colleges, universities and the national labs:

  • Continue to support the community colleges and universities though long-term government programs

  • Utilize community college more effectively to develop a skilled S&T workforce

  • Create conduits that connect talent and ideas at universities with the private sector and the local community in regional clusters

  • Implement university programs in math, science and manufacturing

  • Ensure that national laboratories develop mission-driven innovations and broaden the definition of national interests to include impactful economic development

The report also provides several recommendations to build a 21st century advanced manufacturing workforce and to fuel science, technology and innovation. In the coming months, the council is expected to release Ignite 3.0, which will highlight the perspectives of U.S. labor leaders.