Congress, GOP Using Twitter Even More

ABC News recently took a look at the impact Twitter is having on Congressional communications. Most notably, they delve into how and why Republicans are using social media to communicate – and rebrand their party — following a lackluster November 2008.

Fifty members of Congress use the micro-blogging service Twitter to communicate with constituents, according to the Sunlight Foundation, a non-partisan watchdog group that advocates for greater transparency through technology.

One might think that the party of our BlackBerry-wielding, text-happy president would be the one to lead the way in this ever-expanding Twitter-verse.

But, in Congress, it appears that, according to Sunlight, Twittering Republicans outnumber their Democratic counterparts almost 2 to 1.

"It is ironic, but they’re in the process of rebranding themselves," Thomas Whalen, a political historian at Boston University, told, adding that Republicans partly attribute their loss in November to Barack Obama’s tech-savviness.

Twitter is definitely catching on in the political world. In Indiana, representatives from the state Democratic, Libertarian and Republican Parties can all be found on Twitter.