‘Credit Card Budget’ to See Full House Action Tomorrow

“It’s a credit card budget. Spend now, pay later. And, the payment will be in (the form of) tax increases.”

That was the warning from Rep. Jeff Espich of Uniondale, the ranking minority member on the House Ways and Means Committee, prior to the budget bill passing 15-10 along party lines this afternoon.

Espich also asserted that the House Democrats’ “one-year budget frightens me and should frighten every citizen.” 

Earlier in the proceedings, more than 30 amendments were considered and most passed – some of which had little or no connection to state fiscal matters. Case in point: alternative labeling on drug prescriptions to assist those with limited or no eyesight. 

The full House took up the budget bill shortly before 5 p.m. today and adjourned promptly after adopting the committee report. Any fireworks will have to wait until the full House reconvenes tomorrow at 4 p.m.