Crunch Time Means Tough Decisions for IBRG

Finally, we are inside of two weeks until the last Election Day on November 4.  I purposely say “last Election Day” because there are 28 Election Days now with the creation of vote centers, satellite voting and absentee voting.  This is the timeframe that we have to make our final decisions on which candidates we are going to support and which ones we will simply wish well. 

IBRG’s (Indiana Business for Responsive Government) approach has always been laser-focused on putting resources into only those few races that 1) have a pro-business IBRG-endorsed candidate, 2) are truly competitive, and 3) IBRG’s support will make a difference in the outcome. We hold back most of our resources until late in the game to have the most information possible in determining which of those races we need to help get across the finish.

These decisions are years in the making. All of these decisions are rooted in years of research, demographic studies and polling data on each of the districts in play and of those candidates. These are not decisions that are made based on emotion or if we personally like or dislike a candidate. As I will often tell candidates when they ask how we make these decisions, I tell them they are nothing more than cold, calculated decisions that gives IBRG the best chance to elect as many pro-business candidates as possible.

Over the next few days, these tough decisions on what races to invest in and what projects to fund with several hundred thousand dollars will be made. Our report card comes in 12 nights.