D.C. Bound; It Should be Eventful

Put most of a state’s congressional delegation in the same room (it doesn’t happen very often), throw in some of the most contentious issues in years (health care reform, cap and trade, etc.) and it’s bound to be interesting.

The Indiana Chamber brings these pieces together Wednesday night in Washington as part of the annual D.C. Fly-in. More than 70 business representatives from across the state will be there. Typically Sen. Richard Lugar and nearly all of the congressional representatives join in for a roundtable discussion, dinner and an opportunity to hear from the folks back home. (Sen. Evan Bayh, by the way, usually prefers taking part in the second-day office visits).

The attendees will also receive updates from policy experts in the nation’s capital and hear from Stan Jones, former Indiana commissioner of higher education who went east earlier this year to start a new organization focused on college access and graduation for at-risk students.

I’ll be there to assist with the event and plan to let you know what’s going on through the Chamber’s Twitter feed and hopefully a blog or two. All signs point to the business reps being ready to speak up on how federal decisions are impacting their companies and employees in their local communities.