NY Times Poll: Americans Speak Out

One may not always agree with the politics of The New York Times, but its stature and credibility can rarely be questioned. A recent public poll conducted by the newspaper revealed some sobering results, such as:

  • Only 64% of respondents saying they still believe in the American dream. This was the lowest result in nearly two decades.
  • 54% said that “over-regulation that may interfere with economic growth” was a bigger problem than “too little regulation that may create an unequal distribution of wealth (38%).”
  • Only 52% think the country’s economic system is fair.
  • More than 75% are concerned about having enough money for retirement
  • 70% view the stock market as “risky,” down from 79% in 2008. 52% think the stock market unfairly benefits rich investors at the expense of average Americans
  • Nearly 90% are concerned that their personal information may be stolen. 40% stopped an online purchase because of security concerns.