“Delete Post… Delete Post!!!”

If you’ve ever Tweeted while being enraged, inebriated, or a U.S. Congressman, then you know the feeling of wishing you hadn’t posted something online. The folks at Retrevo — a large consumer electronics reviewer and shopping site — recently conducted a study of over 1,000 people to find out what percentage of social media users had posted something they regret. Below are the highlights, but check out the full post, too.

Study Highlights:

– Have you ever posted anything online about yourself that you regretted?
35% of everyone surveyed said yes
54% of respondents under 25 years old said yes
32% of respondents over age 25 said yes

– Of people who posted something online that they regretted:
11% said it didn’t cause any other problems
3% said it ruined their marriage or relationship
6% said it caused problems at work or home
15% said it caused problems, but they were able to remove it.

– Smartphone Owners
51% of iPhone owners have posted something they regretted
43% of Android owners have posted something they regretted
45% of BlackBerry owners have posted something they regretted

– Smartphone owners are 26% more likely to post something they regret.