Don’t Be Blue; We’re Going Green

If you have not jumped on the green bandwagon yet (quick, there might be room to squeeze in), the next edition of BizVoice magazine is for you.

If you’ve added the word green to your daily vocabulary and cannot be accused of greenwashing, there will be plenty of interesting stories and analysis for you too. In fact, you might want to promote your organization’s products and services to 15,000 others who have already made the leap or are planning to be on the green team.

The July/August issue will contain the most comprehensive focus on one topic in the 10-year history of the magazine. Among the subject areas to be covered in staff-written articles are:

  • Low-cost programs/policies companies can implement as a green strategy starting point
  • More comprehensive green efforts that include a higher up-front investment but potential cost savings down the road
  • Going green and the energy industry
  • Short profiles about companies, communities and universities with innovative green initiatives
  • A Community Focus on BioTown and the effort to turn an Indiana community into a self-sustaining energy provider
  • A roundtable discussion with industry leaders and an invited national expert
  • An Indiana Ingenuity feature on a Hoosier company that is a national player in its field                                 

Business owners, presidents and CEOs will be reading about going green. Jim Wagner has the information advertisers need to know.