Double the Pleasure With Merisotis Stories

Three years ago, the subject was higher education in general — and Indiana’s system of colleges and universities in particular. It was a BizVoice roundtable with some high-powered participants. And I wanted the fourth expert to be someone who had spent a total of about two weeks in the state.

That person was Jamie Merisotis, at that time the new president of the Lumina Foundation for Education. His lengthy career in education policy in Washington and his selection by Lumina gave me confidence that the lack of Hoosier history would not be a problem. As it turned out, far from it.

Merisotis teamed with university presidents France Cordova (Purdue) and James Edwards (Anderson University) and Chris Murphy (then chair of the Commission for Higher Education) for one of our absolute best roundtables. Lumina, of course, has gone on to expand on its already excellent work throughout the country.

A few months ago we had the opportunity to sit down with Merisotis for a one-on-one discussion. Again, no disappointment. Merisotis and Lumina are truly making a difference and striving for more. Find out more in our current issue.