Draper Inc. Employee Gets Trip of a Lifetime for Wellness Efforts

Over the past few years, employers have begun taking a larger role in the health and well-being of their employees. Many are finding it benefits not only morale, but the bottom line as well when workers are happy and healthy — and more productive. While many are experimenting with rewards programs and weight loss initiatives, Draper Inc. in Spiceland has raised the bar by giving one employee a trip to Hawaii for her efforts.

Draper's blog tells the story of Nancy Vickery, one of the company's nearly 160 employees who met the walking requirements — and her number was drawn to head to America's 50th — and some would argue most beautiful — state. Following the contest, 115 Draper employees were surveyed and reported the following results from their contest:

  • A combined weight loss of 526 pounds
  • Eight of them are no longer taking medications for high blood pressure, high cholesterol or diabetes
  • One of them no longer uses a sleep machine

Both the Indiana Chamber and the Wellness Council of Indiana offer kudos to Draper Inc. for this initiative. If you think your business could benefit from joining the Wellness Council, just reach out to its executive director, Chuck Gillespie, at [email protected]  .