Early Township Referendum Results

The "Vote Yes" to modernize local government by transferring township assessing duties to the county level is winning out in early returns.

Results show the following partial "yes" votes:

  • Abiote and St. Joseph townships in Allen County
  • Clay, Fall Creek and Noblesville townships in Hamilton County
  • Penn and Portgage townships in St. Joseph County
  • Washington Township in Hendricks County
  • A 64.5%-35.4% advantage in the eight Marion County townships; individual township breakdowns are unavailable at this time

Additional results to follow.

0 thoughts on “Early Township Referendum Results

  1. Update on the townships. At this point, it’s 19 votes for local government reform and two defeats. This does not include the eight townships in Marion County, where the overall vote is still nearly 65% yes.

    All four townships in the Evansville region (three in Vanderburgh County and one in Warrick) came back with yes votes. Also, the earlier post on Allen County (two victories for reform) and St. Joseph County (two more victories)is now final.

    At this time, only one of six Lake County townships is voting for reform. It’s not clear whether all votes have been counted.