Electoral Maps Through the Years: From W. H. Harrison to “W”

With the presidential election on the top of many of our minds, you might be thinking about the esteemed history of the American presidency. Provided your historic curiosity stops at 1840, you’ll find these maps to be great fun.

And if you’re like me, you likely won’t be able to sleep tonight without knowing how the Know-Nothing Party fared in 1856. Turns out, not well.

But that’s alright; don’t feel too badly for Mr. Millard Fillmore. At least he was able to serve as president at some point. And hey, his fictional high school was the worthy home of the "Head of the Class" gang, featuring (and this is from memory) Mr. Moore, Dennis Blunden, Arvid Engen and sassy Maria … not to mention Eric, Simone and Jawaharlal. Yes! (Not sure what’s sadder — the fact that I know that or the pride I take in knowing it.)

Hat tip to Chamber marketing technology guru Glenn Harkness for passing the map site along.