Elkhart Has Some Good Stories to Tell, Too

Elkhart has found its way into the national spotlight, primaily due to the economic struggles of the recreational vehicle industry. But, as always, there is good news out there with a growing company recently celebrating its second anniversary.

Excel Electronics provides customers in a variety of industries with design, assembly and test services. Beyond the RV and automotive fields, it works with clients in the areas of commercial appliances, environmental controls and mobility products.

Company president Chip Estep, who previously owned and operated a contract manufacturing company for 18 years, says the intention is simple. "Our goal is to be your preferred supplier and production partner. We are growing our business with that goal in mind."

The reason for the success? Excel can help businesses innovate to remain competitive. Digitally controlled assembly equipment and more than 100 years of combined electronics experience are just two of the key factors for Excel.

Let’s hope Excel keeps excelling — both for its own growth and the assistance it provides to others.