Empower Your Employees With Compliance Publications, Postings


The Indiana Chamber publishes more than 25 Indiana-specific compliance guides that cover employers’ rights and responsibilities under state and federal laws. These publications will aid your team with compliance issues to avoid costly fines and penalties. Many are also available as ePubs.

One of the most popular is the Employment Law Handbook. The soon-to-be-released 13th edition includes everything employers need to know to stay in compliance with state and federal employment laws.

Among updates:

  • Protections and terms of the new federal Defend Trade Secrets Act of 2016
  • The Seventh Circuit Federal Court of Appeals finding that discrimination based upon sexual orientation violates Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964
  • Updated penalties and fees for immigration violations
  • Changes to the law regarding the employment of foreign nationals and the issuance of visas
  • The National Labor Relations Board’s new decision permitting graduate and undergraduate teaching assistants to unionize

“We want to be the provider for every Indiana business for their employer publications and postings. The Indiana Chamber is the trusted source for that,” remarks Kerri Begley, vice president of business education and events. “We offer a free poster subscription service. Once new postings come out, if you were part of the subscription service, you automatically get that update shipped to you.”

Don’t miss the opportunity to stay informed with mandatory postings on state and federal laws.

Another fall release is the Environmental Compliance Handbook. It contains updated agency contact information, details on the new wastewater management rule, information about biomass and alternative fuels registrations and more.

Sales team veteran Rhea Langdon and new addition Derrence Foster are working hard to connect you with these resources.

To order, access www.indianachamber.com/publications or call Nick at (800) 824-6885.