Everyone Needs a Vision… Including Indiana

Indiana Vision 2025 is hitting the road. If you’re not already familiar with Indiana Vision 2025, it’s a long-range economic development plan for the state, a follow-up to the successful Indiana Chamber-led Economic Vision 2010 initiative.

Where is the road leading? In the next three weeks, to regional forums in Merrillville, Fort Wayne, Sellersburg, Evansville and Indianapolis. Approximately 40 business, community, government, non-profit and education leaders in each area will learn about the plan and, more importantly, share their own regional challenges and opportunities. Many areas of common ground are expected.

The mission statement reads: "Indiana will be a global leader in innovation and economic opportunity where enterprises and citizens prosper." Initiatives are grouped under four driver areas: Outstanding Talent, Attractive Business Climate, Superior Infrastructure, and Dynamic and Creative Culture.

Indiana Vision 2025 was developed over the course of 18 months by a 24-person task force of statewide leaders. The Indiana Chamber is coordinating, working with a number of other organizations. The focus now is to gather widespread support and begin the work toward enacting as many of the goals as possible for the benefit of as many Hoosiers as possible.

Check out the current version of the full plan and ask yourself one question: What can I do to help make Indiana the absolute best it can be?