Facebook Works to Out-Twitter Twitter

Sigh. You know, just when I feel like I’m fairly "with it" in terms of technology, Facebook goes and makes a bunch of changes. I blame the teenagers — though I’m trying not to feel like an old fogy here. But just give me an episode of "All In The Family" and a lukewarm Tab and let’s call it a day. At any rate, Techcrunch reports:

Facebook made a number of announcements today about changes to its home page, profile pages, and activity streams. Taken together, these represent a concerted response to the rise of Twitter as a real-time message broadcasting system that goes beyond members’ personal circle of friends.

One of the biggest changes is that Facebook is getting rid of the distinction between private profiles and public pages. The 5,000-friend limit will be dropped from the public pages. Facebook doesn’t want Twitter to become the way large companies and public figures connect to fans. Up until now, Facebook Pages haven’t really been the place fans go to connect with their favorite celebrities or brands. For that, they’ve started going to Twitter, where they can get updates in real time.

Facebook is also speeding up the updates that populate the news feeds on everyone’s personal page. Before, these would be updated every 10 minutes or so. Facebook’s introduction of real-time updates and a one-sided follow system mimics Twitter’s functionality. While it may be a little late to this part of the game, its user base of 175 million dwarf’s Twitter’s. Explains CEO Mark Zuckerberg:

"What we’re talking about today, is that there’s a philosophical change in that we want to converge these public figures (which are one way) and friends (two way connections)."

Stay tuned for a post in the near future about what employers are learning about applicants through Facebook.

0 thoughts on “Facebook Works to Out-Twitter Twitter

  1. I believe in twitter. Facebook is doing the “me too” thing, which they’ve not done before, and is not good for the brand. I’ve found Facebook to be too time consuming to manage and invasive . For work, LinkedIn is good because it’s all professional without the personal stuff to sift through, and twitter is great for networking and promoting blogs. Twitter’s beauty is in its simplicity and directness. Making it an appendage to a larger system is not appealing.

  2. I think I agree, Sonya. Twitter’s brilliance is that it’s easy to use and you’re not subjected to an onslaught of information — unless you want to be, based on the number of people you follow. I only check my personal Facebook page about twice a week, and it’s just to keep tabs on friends. Using it for professional reasons is still a gray area, although we’re kicking around some ideas.

  3. Matt, I just sent a tweet asking who is going to the legislative reception next week. Are there a lot of Indy tweeters? I’ll let you know if I get any responses.

  4. Great, thanks for helping spread the word. Yes, there are a lot of Indy tweeters out there. Just had a couple central Indiana businesses follow us today, actually.

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