Facts From the Hurricane Front

Tornadoes and flooding seem to comprise most of the Mother Nature-related threats here in Indiana. But, as we’ve been reminded too often, hurricanes are the focus for many in the eastern and southern portions of the country.

A few facts as the hurricane season continues through November 30:

  • 36.8 million Americans live near the coast in the states stretching from North Carolina to Texas. That’s 12% of the U.S. total, but an area that has experienced 163% growth between 1960 and 2010.
  • There were 12 hurricanes last year, but no major ones made landfall in the U.S.
  • That was not the case in 2005, the busiest hurricane season on record. There were 28 named storms, 15 hurricanes (four reaching Category 5 status).
  • The Weather Bureau began naming hurricanes in 1950. Five names have been retired by the World Meteorlogical Organization due to the extensive damage caused by those storms. They are Dennis, Katrina, Rita, Stan and Wilma.