Forget Costumes; Halloween is About the Candy

Sure, it was fun when I dressed up like Alf when I was a kid (no, I didn’t demand anyone’s cat when trick or treating), but the best part of Halloween night was sorting out the loot.

Lollipop … ehhh. Bubble gum … trash. Chocolate … score!

My sweet tooth always has had a bias toward the creamy, smooth delicacy that is chocolate. While I won’t be knocking on neighbors’ doors this year in search of my true vice, I will indulge in some of Indiana’s finest treats for Halloween. Here are a couple Chamber members who put all of those fun-sized candy bars to shame:

South Bend Chocolate Company offers pumpkin fudge and caramel corn drizzled in chocolate and pumpkin flavor for the fall. You can find me at the downtown Indianapolis location at least once a month indulging in my personal favorite treat – South Bend’s milk chocolate double dipped peanuts. Read more about this maker of all things sweet in a recent BizVoice story.

DeBrand Fine Chocolates, based in Fort Wayne, makes chocolate that’s as beautiful as it tastes. I’m pining for one of its giant chocolate covered caramel apples.

What’s even better about these fall chocolate treats is I can fully justify indulging for Thanksgiving celebrations too. Score!