Foundation’s Workforce Wise on the Way

The Indiana Chamber has a foundation. No, it’s not a foundation that provides grants and resources to needy organizations. But it is providing valuable information for all Hoosiers in the form of long-term public policy research that often is used to improve the business climate for Indiana companies and their employees.

Need a few examples:

  • Indiana INTERNnet evolved from a foundation study that clearly identified Indiana’s loss of talented young people and established increasing internship possibilities as one of the tools to reverse that trend. Employers and students have been benefitting from the program for the past eight years.
  • Ready Indiana was a product of foundation research into the state’s existing workforce and what is needed to help those employees adapt to jobs in today’s and tomorrow’s economy. Ready Indiana helps match company training needs with appropriate providers and resources.
  • State tax and education policies have emanated from the research, and today’s strong push for local government reform owes part of its recent beginnings to the Indiana Project for Efficient Local Government study in 2004.

What’s next? Look for Workforce Wise — an in-depth look at the aging population and its impacts on the workforce, communities and economic development — in the coming months.

Check out some of the past Chamber Foundation studies and reports.