Getting the Upper Hand on Getting the Word Out

Today’s media world is changing as never before, but you still need to get your good news heard. And, in today’s economic conditions, you may be forced into the position of delicately delivering job reduction or other difficult news.

Where do you turn for help? Try Rick Kamel, a 30-year public relations, marketing and broadcast news veteran. Kamel will be presenting a half-day Indiana Chamber seminar titled "Communicating the Good, the Bad and the Ugly During Tough Times: Communication/PR Strategies for Indiana Employers."

Kamel has worked with major clients throughout the country. In short, he knows his stuff and he can share plenty of tips and secrets with you. Among the key benefits for anyone in need of communications assistance (that includes most of us):

  • Strategies for identifying and prioritizing your internal and external audiences
  • Communication timing strategies that maximize the good news and minimize the bad news
  • Tried-and-true formulas for how to construct statements
  • Clear and concise words and phrases
  • Specific words to use and to avoid
  • How to stay in control during a Q & A session with employees or the news media
  • Being prepared to disseminate bad news in case of an emergency

The Indiana Chamber Conference Center is the site for the April 24 program (9-11:30 a.m.) Investing a few hours now could pay off in many valuable benefits for years to come.