Global, and Fascinating, Numbers

A few totally unrelated numbers in which I’m guessing at least one will cause a “Wow!” reaction:

  • 10 — seconds between buses at stops on the rapid transit system in Bogota, Colombia. The system transports nearly 40,000 passengers per hour — or about 1.6 million per day
  • 244,000 — decline in Japan’s population last year, a record. The country’s population could fall from the current 127 million to 87 million by 2060 (with almost 40% of those residents being age 65 or older)
  • 1 — number of people killed by police in Iceland’s history. The incident took place in December after a man in a Reykjavik apartment complex began firing at officers
  • 74% — share of the world’s skyscrapers completed last year that were in Asian countries. Asia is home to 45% of the tallest buildings in the world