Golf Industry a Driver in Hoosier Economy

I’ll admit it: I’m a golfer. It’s become my favorite sport to play over the years, which is high praise for the game considering how poorly I play it.

A new report from the Indiana Golf Alliance conveys golf has a much greater impact on Indiana than merely forcing Hoosiers like myself to create new curse words while outdoors:

As the Indiana Golf Alliance releases the results of the Economic Impact Study on the game of golf in the Hoosier State, top Indiana PGA Professionals will provide free lessons to legislators in the historic capitol rotunda. This is the first time golf will take center stage at the Statehouse but its presence has had a profound impact on the state for many years…

The Study, completed in 2010, showed impressive data. Golf provides $909 million in direct revenue to the Indiana economy. Compare that number to other industries in the state and it paints a clear picture of how important the golf industry is to the state’s economy. In Indiana, medical equipment manufacturing accounts for $5.8 billion to Indiana’s economy. Soybean production accounts for $2.4 billion to the economy and dairy products account for $640 million to Indiana’s economy. Additionally, the Indiana Study showed that over 21,000 jobs in Indiana are created through the golf industry and account for a total wage income of $530 million.

It’s well publicized that golf and charities work hand in hand. The Study found that in 2008, charitable giving by the Indiana Golf Industry topped the $42 million mark. Golf course owners, operators and PGA Professionals serve as access points for hundreds, if not thousands, of local service organizations for their annual fundraising needs.

The findings of the study came as no surprise to those closely associated with the golf industry.

“The Economic Impact Study validates that golf is an economic engine that contributes substantially to the momentum of the Indiana economy,” said Linda Rogers, owner of Juday Creek Golf Course in Granger, Ind. and Vice President of the National Golf Course Owners Association.

PGA of America CEO Joe Steranka concurred with Rogers’ statement. “The biggest benefit of these studies is the ability to show how golf benefits not only the 1 in 11 Americans who play, but entire communities which benefit from the jobs it creates, the green space it protects and the healthy recreation it provides for people of all ages,” said Steranka.

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  1. Great summary of golf’s impact on Indiana’s economic health. I will be printing this off and keeping copies on hand for the next time my boss asks me where I’m heading…out to stimulate the economy, of course! 🙂
    Check out for daily golf deals in Indiana. It’s like Groupon for golfers.

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