Good News on the Hiring Front?

The results of a newly released survey from seem pretty encouraging, at least in terms of the worst of the recession being over for the business sector. explains:

Fifty-three percent of employers plan to hire full-time employees in the next 12 months, and 40 percent plan to hire contract, temporary or project professionals, according to a survey released Tuesday, August 25, by job board and Robert Half International Inc.
The survey also found that 47 percent of hiring managers cited underqualified applicants as their most common hiring challenge.

The annual Employment Dynamics and Growth Expectations Report provides an overview of the current employment situation, as well as a glimpse of the future hiring landscape. The report offers information on what types of professionals employers will be looking for when economic conditions improve.

The survey questioned more than 500 hiring managers and 500 workers.

“Companies already are identifying the key skill sets they will need in new hires to take advantage of the opportunities presented by improving economic conditions,” said Max Messmer, chairman and CEO of Robert Half International. “Firms that cut staffing levels too deeply may need to do significant rebuilding once the recovery takes hold.”

One thought on “Good News on the Hiring Front?

  1. This is good news to hear. I keep reading positive news on the economy, but with the caveat that we’re recovering, but not hiring yet. Hopefully the worst really is over.

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